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Univar Solutions: Your Single Source for Oleochemicals

Univar Solutions is a marketer, manufacturer and distributor of natural-based oleochemicals, including tall oil fatty acids, oleic acids, stearic acids, fractionated acids, fatty alcohols, polyunsaturated fatty acids, coconut fatty acids, ricinoleaic acid, methyl esters, calcium stearate, metallic stearates and glycerine.

Our oleochemicals are used in formulated products and derivatives in a wide variety of industries, including surfactants, paints and coatings, oilfield chemicals, lubricants and greases, rubber compounding, plastics, metalworking chemicals and personal care products.

Univar specializes in sourcing oleochemicals from around the world that are based on renewable and sustainable resources.  We offer unmatched expertise in blending, mixing and packaging the right formulas and quantities to meet your company’s needs. Univar serves customers from locations throughout the U.S. and can supply quantities from railcars to drums and bags.

We are known in the marketplace as a highly capable, competent and dependable supplier of oleochemical products, meeting the needs of specialty chemical and consumer products companies. If you currently use oleochemicals, we can help solidify your supply. If you're considering ways to use oleochemicals for your next green product launch, we can help determine the right formulation. With over 30 years of experience, we are your prime access to worldwide oleochemical resources.


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