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Univar provides complete line of Tall Oil Fatty Acids and Oleic Acids

No other oleochemical supplier can match the breadth of Univar's product offering for oleic and tall oil fatty acids. Due to the unsaturated nature of these fatty acids, they are liquid at room temperature and can afford the end user energy savings over their saturated counterparts. In addition to liquidity, unsaturated oleic and tall oil fatty acids also offer an increased level of reactivity at and around the double bond.

Our unsaturated fatty acids are used in a variety of end-use applications, including alkyd production, metal working lubricants, derivative manufacturing, industrial and institutional hard surface cleaners, rubber manufacturing, plastics additives, oil field chemicals and many others. Our customers have found that by having Univar as a supply partner, they have been able to mitigate the ebb and flow in these fatty acids markets.

In many applications, oleic acid or tall oil fatty acid can be used interchangeably. Having Univar in your supply chain allows for a seamless transition as these markets change in either pricing or availability.

With our global footprint, the unsaturated fatty acids that we offer are materials derived from pine trees, animal and vegetable sources. Some of our products are food grade materials and can be kosher and halal certified.

Univar's oleic and tall oil fatty acids are available in steel drums, tote tanks, and bulk tank trucks. As a service to our customers, we also offer these along with several other oleochemical products in compartmentalized tank trucks. This allows for bulk economics in smaller parcels for purchasing efficiencies or inventory control.

Contact Univar regarding your needs or view details about our oleic acid and tall oil fatty acid products.


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