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Focus on green oilfield chemicals for fracking, drilling


The demand for natural-based oleochemicals for oilfield applications has risen significantly over the last several years due to a need for product additives that are biodegradable and liquid at room temperature. The recent U.S. natural gas boom and, in particular, the processes used in fracking, have been the major contributor to this increasing need for oilfield chemicals.

The green chemistry movement has influenced tighter environmental regulation, thus forcing the use of less invasive oilfield chemical products that have lower VOCs, are less flammable, are biodegradable and reduce the large volumes of water required to recover and refine crude oil and natural gas. Oleochemicals including tall oil fatty acids, tallow fatty acids and soya fatty acids are part of the green chemical solution.

Our oleochemicals are used in specialty surfactants in the fracking, drilling and production of oil and natural gas. These applications include well stimulation, drilling/completion, production/refining and pipeline transport. The surfactants produced are not only effective, but safer and more environmentally friendly.

Oilfield surfactant uses include:  

  • Emulsifiers/demulsifiers
  • Lubricants
  • Dispersants
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Foam control agents
  • Wetting and suspending agents
  • Biocides

Contact Univar for more information or view our green chemical solutions for your oilfield, fracking and drilling needs.


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