Univar Solutions: One-Stop Shopping for Kraton Fatty Acids and Polymers

Kraton LLC is a leading U.S. producer of pine chemicals and performance polymers (www.kraton.com), and Univar Solutions is your authorized distributor for SYLFATTM tall oil fatty acid, SYLVATALTM distilled tall oil, UNIDYMETM dimer acid, SYLVAROSTM tall oil rosin, CENTURYTM fatty acids, CENWAXTM castor derivatives, and selected KRATONTM SIS and SBS copolymers product lines. Univar Solutions’ has in-house technical expertise to offer in support of our customers when evaluating these products for use.  Through a  network of application development specialists, you can be assured of the correct fatty acid or polymer recommendation and formulation guidance.

And with the strong partnership between Kraton and Univar Solutions, you have access to the Kraton Innovation Centers for additional technical support.

Technical Expertise in Many Applications
For the pine chemicals product lines, you have access to specific expertise in a variety of industries, including coatings, fuel additives, lubricants and metalworking, personal care, cleaners, rubber, paving, mineral processing, energy chemicals, and agricultural chemicals.

For Kraton Polymer products, Univar Solutions has been a valued partner with Kraton for more than 30 years, bringing extensive formulating expertise with styrene block copolymers for use in adhesives, coatings, personal care, TPE compounding, and with a wide variety of unique, differentiated and high-value end-use applications.

The combination of Kraton’s manufacturing network and Univar Solutions’ product distribution capabilities means that you are assured of the best service model in the U.S. fatty acids and performance polymers market, with efficient lead times and on-time deliveries, both in bulk and packaged product form.

Talk to your Univar Solutions sales account manager about the Kraton fatty acid and polymer lines today and begin to experience unmatched technical support and product service.

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