Univar’s Oleochemicals Team, formerly Chemical Associates, is ready to assist with your business and product challenges.  With a global supply network in place for fatty acids, fatty alcohols and derivatives in the range of  C6 to C22, plus  glycerine,  combined with over 100 years of oleochemicals marketing and technical experience, Univar is poised as the most effective marketer in the industry to solve your formulation, application, or supply  challenges.

The Oleochemicals Team has solid relationships with manufacturers in all major producing regions and from all sources, including Tallow, Soy, Palm, Canola, Sunflower, Pine, and Castor.  This means that customers can look to Univar for technical advice that is independent of producer or source.  It also means that Univar’s customers can count on a global logistics sourcing footprint for naturally derived raw materials to effectively serve their business needs.

As an example, one of Univar’s customers recently was looking to grow its business but was limited by raw materials supply and availability.  The Univar Oleochemicals team listened to the customer’s technical requirements and growth plans.  With an understanding of both the customer’s application and fatty acid chemistry, Univar was able to offer an alternate solution.  This solution provided equal performance without the supply limitations of the customer’s original raw material.

Call 800-347-2891 or email us to talk to your local sales representative about how the Univar Oleochemicals team can address your business and product challenges.

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