Univar – A Unique Source for Tall Oil Fatty Acids

As a U.S. producer of tall oil fatty acids (TOFA), Univar is unique. Unlike the other domestic producers, which fractionate crude tall oil (CTO) that is obtained as a byproduct of the Kraft paper manufacturing process to co-produce rosin acid and TOFA, Univar's production is not constrained by the TOFA/rosin acid balance.Pine is one raw material source for tall oil fatty acid

We have developed a process to synthesize our various grades of tall oil fatty acids to meet industry and/or customer specifications. And, unlike other producers of TOFA, our raw materials can come from an array of different sources.

Univar has been satisfying TOFA customers’ needs for more than 20 years and has seen significant growth in our tall oil fatty acid business, even during some trying times in this industry.

Our company’s capacity to supply TOFA has yet to be challenged. Our customer base is diverse and our products are used in end use applications such as alkyd resins, oil field chemicals, derivatives, soaps, and more. We offer an additional domestic option as a supplier of tall oil fatty acids. This has afforded our customers security of supply in short markets.

Let us show you what we can do. Contact Univar for your tall oil fatty acid requirements.