Coconut Fatty Acids

Univar offers a wide range of coconut fatty acids. In our portfolio we list whole and stripped versions, distilled, partially hydrogenated, and fully hydrogenated products. Some of our coconut fatty acid products can be certified kosher and halal.

Coconut fatty acids are used in a wide variety of products, including food, household detergents, metalworking fluids, paints and coatings, soaps, textile chemicals and fatty derivatives.

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CA Product Code

CAS Number



Low IV Whole Coconut Fatty Acid CA1402 61788-47-4 View View
Low IV White Coconut Fatty Acid CA1406 67701-05-7 View
Part. Hydrogenated Whole Coconut Fatty Acid CA1405 67701-05-7 View View
Stripped Low IV White Coconut Fatty Acid CA1407 68937-85-9 View
Stripped White Coconut Fatty Acid CA1409 68937-85-9 View
Whole Coconut Fatty Acid CA1401 61788-47-4 View View
Whole Coconut Fatty Acid - Kosher CA1402K 61788-47-4 View