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Dimer Acids and Trimer Acids

Dimer acids (dimerized fatty acids) are dicarboxylic acids produced by dimerizing unsaturated fatty acids obtained from tall oil, oleic acid, canola oil or cottonseed oil, usually on clay catalysts. Dimer acids can be used to synthesize polyamide resins and hot melt adhesives. They are also used in alkyd resins, adhesives, surfactants, fuel oil additives and lubricants. Dimer acids are light yellow transparent viscous liquids. They are also non-toxic.

A dimer acid of predominantly stearic acid is termed a C36 dimer acid. The chemistry can be taken further to form a trimer acid where the product consists of three fatty acid molecules.

Univar offers dimer acids produced from oleic acid, canola oil and tall oil fatty acids.

View our dimer acid and trimer acid products below as well as the Kraton UNIDYME™ Dimer and Trimer Acid Products we offer, or contact us for a quote.

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CA Product Code

CAS Number



Dimer Acid - Tofa Based - 5/81/14 CA2022 61788-89-4 View View
Dimer Acid - Tofa Based - 6/79/15 CA2018 61788-89-4 View View
Dimer Acid Technical Grade CA2003 61788-89-4 View View
Distilled Dimer Acid CA2014 61788-89-4 View View
Distilled Dimer Acid - TOFA Based CA2061 61788-89-4 View
Isostearic Acid CA2071 30399-84-9 View View
Isostearic Acid - Low IV CA2075 30399-84-9 View View
Mole Distilled Dimer Acid Hydrogenated CA2008 61788-89-4 View View
Monomer Acid - Oleic Based CA2070 68955-98-6 View View
Monomer Acid - Tall Oil Based CA2069 68955-98-6 View View
Trimer Acid - Canola Based CA2045 68937-90-6 View View
Trimer Acid - TOFA Based CA2043 68937-90-6 View View