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Fractionated Fatty Acids

Univar offers a full line of fractionated fatty acid from C8 to C14 saturated molecules, including capric acid, caprylic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid and pelargonic acid. Versions of these products can be certified food grade, kosher and halal.

Our fractionated fatty acids are used in dairy cleaners, flavor & fragrances, industrial and institutional cleaners, metalworking lubricants, detergents, emollient esters, food supplements, alkyd resins, soaps, personal care, agricultural chemicals, textile chemical and fatty derivatives.

Applications for capric acid, caprylic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid and pelargonic acid include:

  • Biocides in food processing
  • Derivatives/esters used in a wide variety of surfactants due to their "foaming" properties
  • Chain terminators in paints and coatings that provide formulation flexibility, faster reaction rates, and consistency in condensation reaction to make alkyd resins
  • Hard surface cleaners and detergents
  • Emollient esters for personal care lotions and creams; mid-cut fatty acids for liqud and bar soaps
  • Lubrication and load-carrying additives in metalworking fluids.

View our fractionated fatty acid products below or contact us for product samples or a quote.

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CA Product Code

CAS Number



Capric Acid 97% CA1575 334-48-5 View View
Caprylic / Capric Acid CA1580 68937-75-7 View View
Caprylic Acid 98 CA1560 124-07-2 View View
Caprylic Acid 98% - Food Grade CA1560FG 124-07-2 View
Caprylic Capric Acid/ Low C6 CA1580L 68937-75-7 View View
Lauric Acid 70%/ Myristic Acid 30% CA1500 143-07-7 View
Lauric Acid 98% CA1502 143-07-7 View View
Lauric Acid 98% - Kosher CA1502K 143-07-7 View
Lauric Acid 98% Bead CA1502B 143-07-7 View
Myristic Acid 95% CA1530 544-63-8 View View
Myristic Acid 95% - Food Grade CA1530FG 544-63-8 View
Myristic Acid 95% - Kosher CA1530K 544-63-8 View
Myristic Acid 97% CA1535 544-63-8 View
Pelargonic Acid CA1900 112-05-0 View View