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Glycerine is used in oilfield drilling muds.


Glycerine (or glycerin, glycerol) is a triol or polyol compound. In its pure form glycerine is a colorless odorless, sweet tasting, viscous liquid. As an alcohol with three hydroxyl groups it is hydroscopic and soluble in water. Glycerine is a byproduct of three main processes: fat and oil splitting, fat and oil saponification, and biodiesel manufacturing.

The fats and oils used can be from animal or vegetable sources. Glycerine can be used as a solvent, sweetener or humectants. Product applications include pharmaceuticals, foods, personal care, tobacco, antifreeze, and agrochemicals.

Univar offers glycerine products in a variety of grades:

  • Private label
  • Tech grade
  • USP grade
  • Kosher certified 
  • Halal certified
  • RSPO certified
  • Mass balanced
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Various purity grades (80% crude, 96%, 99.5%, 99.7%)

Typical applications includes:

  • Adhesives, coatings, elastomers and sealants: Flexible foam, surface coatings
  • Agriculture: Carrier, solvent, humectant, anti-freeze
  • Chemical manufacturing: Anti-freeze, initiator (EO/PO reactions)
  • Food: Humectant, sweetener, filler in cakes, candies, bars, meat/ cheese, casings, diet foods
  • Lubricants and metalworking: Lubricants additives & metalworking fluids
  • Oilfield: Drilling muds, shale stabilizer
  • Personal care: Humectant and emollient in skin care, hair care, color cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals: Excipients for gel caps, liquid medications, elixirs, expectorants

With 120 locations with custom formula, blending and packaging capabilities, including white rooms, Univar is the No. 1 source for glycerine. Univar can meet various packaging and quantity requirements, including bulk railcar, bulk tank truck, totes (IBC), drums, pails and cases.

View our glycerine products below or contact us for a quote.

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CA Product Code

CAS Number



Cp/Usp Glycerine-96% CA2812 56-81-5 View View
Cp/Usp Glycerine-99.5% CA2816 56-81-5 View View
Crude Glycerine 80% CA2803 56-81-5 View View
Glycerine Usp-99.7% CA2818 56-81-5 View View
Technical Grade Glycerine 95% CA2815 56-81-5 View View