Glycerine (or glycerin, glycerol) is a triol or polyol compound. In its pure form glycerin is a colorless odorless, sweet tasting, viscous liquid. As an alcohol with three hydroxyl groups it is hydroscopic and soluble in water. Glycerine is a byproduct of three main processes: fat and oil splitting, fat and oil saponification, and biodiesel manufacturing.

The fats and oils used can be from animal or vegetable sources. Glycerine can be used as a solvent, sweetener or humectants. Product applications include pharmaceuticals, foods, personal care, tobacco, antifreeze, and agrochemicals.

Univar offers products ranging from value based crude glycerine, 80% by weight, to high purity distilled grades of 99.7% purity, including USP and kosher certified products.

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CA Product Code

CAS Number



Cp/Usp Glycerine-96% CA2812 56-81-5 View View
Cp/Usp Glycerine-99.5% CA2816 56-81-5 View View
Crude Glycerine 80% CA2803 56-81-5 View View
Glycerine Usp-99.7% CA2818 56-81-5 View View
Technical Grade Glycerine 95% CA2815 56-81-5 View View