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Metallic Stearates

Metallic stearates are esters or salts of stearic acid. Univar supplies metallic stearates to the concrete, paper, plastics, rubber, paint, coatings and metal industries. Several forms are offered including, beads, powder, granules and water-based dispersions.

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CA Product Code

CAS Number



Calcium Stearate Dispersion - 50% Solids - Low Ph CA4840 1592-23-0 View View
Calcium Stearate Dispersion- 55% Solids - High Ph CA4842 1592-23-0 View View
Calcium Stearate Granule CA4801 1592-23-0 View View
Calcium Stearate Powder CA4803 1592-23-0 View View
Zinc Stearate Bead CA4811 557-05-1 View
Zinc Stearate Powder CA4810 557-05-1 View
Zinc Stearate Ultrafine Powder CA4812 557-05-1 View View