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Tall Oil Fatty Acid - 2% Rosin

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CA Product Code: CA0402
Product Group: Tall Oil Fatty Acid
Synonym: Octadecenoic Acid
SDS: View
Product Family: Oleic Acid
Chain Length: C18:1 Acid
CAS Number: 61790-12-3
Product Data Sheet: View

Industries / Applications

Metal Working:
• Rolling Oils
• Polishes
Chemical Derivatives:
• Esters
Industrial & Institutional Cleaners:
• Cleaners
Oilfield Chemicals:
• Lubricant
• Corrosion Inhibitor
Polymers & Plastics:
• Additive
Rubber & Tires:
• Initiator
Textile Chemicals:
• Additive
• Fiber Lube